Single father opens barbershop in Salisbury

According to a recent report, early-stage entrepreneurial activity is at the highest level it's been in the past 20 years, but launching a new business is risky.

The Small Business Administration reports about 50 percent of all small businesses fold within just five years.

So what does it take to survive?

According to Forbes, aside from manic drive, moxie, hard work, creativity and luck, perhaps it takes a sense of connectedness to the community and one local man just have what it takes to be the next eastern shore success story.

Meet Adam Geis. He's the owner of First Class Barbershop in Salisbury.

Put scissors and a razor in his hands and he's unstoppable, although his passion isn't just cutting people's hair.

"My favorite things are the conversation, cutting people's hair and making them feel good when they leave. They can come in with a head full of hair and feel good when they leave," explains Geis.

Geis became a barber almost three years ago, once he started there was no looking back. For him it's about meeting all kinds of people, in a place where there's no judgment.

He explains, "You get all walks of life and it doesn't matter if it's a lawyer sitting in the chair or a plumber you know. It's all the same and you get the different conversations from each how their day was and so on and so on and it's good."

But Geis hasn't always been here on the Eastern Shore. As a single father of three, he moved across the bridge to give his kids a better life.

"I thought it would be a better way down here than in the Baltimore area and the schools are great down here and everything's been great."

Since opening up shop last month, his kids couldn't be more proud.

"They were really excited all three of them were excited. I did their first hair cuts in the shop and everything and they enjoyed it. They love getting their hair cuts," says Geis.

And with the help of his friend and master barber, Rick Carter, Geis says he can't wait to see First Class Barbershop take off.

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