Sales raise funds for Autism Delaware

Revelation Craft Brewing Company hosted one of a series of events Wednesday evening on Central Ave. in Rehoboth to help raise funds for Autism Delaware.

Part of the sales from beer, t-shirts and other items are donated to Autism Delaware, specifically the POW&R program.

POW&R offers individualized vocational and recreational supports to adults funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Autism Delaware.

Included in the festivities was live music and a kids' art show.

Next Wednesday, Revelation will be introducing a new beer, the Green Light Grapefruit Rattler, whose name has a much deeper meaning.

"So the Green Light with that is be yourself, be your own wonderful unique individual without having to worry about what anybody else thinks, which is really important for all of these kids," said Revelation CEO Harry Metcalf.

For more information you can log on to, or on the Autism Delaware Facebook page.

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