Locals come together for ‘Stop The Violence’ rally

"I'm a very, very concerned citizen. I just hate to see things happen the way that they happen," says McKinley Hayward.

Hayward wasn't the only one voicing his concerns Monday night at the Stop the Violence Rally. It's a rally that comes just a little over 24 hours after a Sunday morning shoot out that resulted with two young men from Salisbury dead.
"It's about bringing peace and finding the pieces to this missing puzzle that we as adults are not getting," explains Salisbury Councilwoman April Jackson.

Jackson, the organizer for the rally, tells 47 ABC enough is enough, the violence has got to stop. She says the only way to end this violence is by starting an open dialogue to find out the reasons behind it.
Jackson adds, "I think right now we need to find out what the young people want. There are great needs, I feel like the reason some these kids are doing this is because some of them are seeking attention that they're not getting."

And several people spoke their minds about the issues facing their children.

For Hayward, he thinks it starts in the schools,"I think a lot of it starts because of our education system starting it up and starting in the lower grades and parents not correcting the situations."

Mothers and family of those who have lost loved ones  due to violence shared impassioned words as well.

Stories of the heartache they have faced, the pain this violence brings to not just the family members but the community too.

One mother who lost her son just ten months ago speaking up saying, "It's hard for me. We don't know what our children are going through."

A rally that brought community members together. A night where people spoke of loss, pain, and issues that need to change, but a conversation that folks believe needs to happen more, not just after a tradegy.

"If we follow through with it, dont have one and then quit," explains Hayward.

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