Local officers raise more than $8k for Dallas Police

On July 7th, 2016, five Dallas Police officers were gunned down while watching over a peaceful protest.

A year later, their memories live on and the loss not forgotten.

Locally, the Somerset County Fraternal Order of Police raised more than $8,000 for the families of those fallen officers.

And Lodge 135 in Princess Anne, Maryland held a fundraiser and decided to hold on to the money and wait for the year anniversary to send it out.

"Let's send it on the one year anniversary to make sure that the families, the officers that are still working know that we are still thinking about them. That they are heroes and they haven't been forgotten and they will never be forgotten," said Robert Smith, President of Lodge 135 Somerset County.

Smith said that his Lodge sent out individual letters along with the donations to the families letting them know that they are still thinking of them and their loss a year later.

Organizers say the attack had a huge impact on the law enforcement community. 

"We all feel privileged to be part of the family, uh and it says something when we are able to unite, at the end, during these, um tragic times to show how strong our bonds are within our community of law enforcement," Smith said.

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