Delmarva sees the first virtual reality arcade at Rehoboth Beach

In Rehoboth Beach, people are getting a chance to step away from the beach and take step outside of reality.

It's right in the downtown area and it's already causing quite the buzz.

With a headset and controllers, gamers instantly emerge into a different world.

Escape Reality is the first of it's kind to come to Delmarva. It has six rooms and each one is 10×10, giving gamers the freedom to walk around.

With over 30 experiences available at hand, you can pick whatever world you want to play in.

One of the games even had a plank you can walk on, which makes you feel as if you're on top of a skyscraper.

We are told that so far, no one has gotten sick from the virtual reality experience and that they have received nothing but positive feedback.

In the next couple of weeks they are changing a few things to make sure they have the latest technology.

Instead of controllers, headsets will able to track your movements through your finger tips. 

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