Crowd enjoys Mountaire Chickin’ Pickin’ contest at State Fair

People are having a blast in Harrington on the last day of the Delaware State fair for the 7th Annual Mountaire Chickin' Pickin' contest.

It's a contest that requires speed skill and agility.
The name definitely fits the game with folks picking cooked chickens as fast as they can and as many as they can in just a matter of minutes.

Five minutes to be exact.

One of the participants, Ken Boots tells 47 ABC, "You gotta be fierce with this competition nothing you can't do. As fast as you can get them bones ripped out get the skin out and shred the meat. You gotta shred the meat if you don't shred the meat no go."

All of the chicken picked will be donated to the Humane Society where they'll use it to make dog food. 

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