Butterfly Encounter: Delaware State Fair

Butterfly Encounter

The Butterfly Encounter is another great exhibit at the 2017 Delaware State Fair.

Visitors can mingle among live butterflies as they walk through the encounter.

You'll be handed a sponge-topped stick dipped in nectar that attract the butterflies.

The main objective of the exhibit is teach people about monarch butterflies and the importance of their migration.

In the past, The Butterfly Encounter donated to the World Wildlife Fund and planted milkweed throughout the United States.

And the exhibit features a "How To: Repair a Butterfly Wing" video that's shown every 20 minutes.

On the way out, visitors can buy souvenirs, including a caterpillar that you can take home and watch transform into a butterfly, and then release.

The Butterfly Encounter is located in the Exhibit Hall at the Delaware State Fair, and is open every day from 11 AM to 10 PM.

To learn more about the encounter, visit the Delaware State Fair website: Click here.

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