Addiction and mental health consortium legislation update

Delaware Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long tells 47abc House Bill 220 and Senate Bill 111 are on the agenda for votes Friday night at the conclusion of the general assembly.

The bills, announced June 8th, would create an Addiction Action Committee and a Behavioral Health Consortium.  Hall-Long says there have been no changes to the legislation.

The consortium group will consist of community advocates, law enforcement, state leaders, and healthcare professionals from across the state.

The Addiction Action Committee will be tasked with forming a blueprint for the prevention, treatment and recovery for mental health, substance use and co-occurring disorders.

"This consortium fills in the gap, takes up the loopholes, really puts forward a path to address mental health and those issues in our state, and then with addiction we'll be able to work really hard to begin to take steps and action," said Hall-Long.

If you have questions regarding these bills, you are asked to contact the Lieutenant Governor's office at 302.744.4333, or log on to

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