Sussex Academy holds commencement for first-ever senior class

Delaware Governor John Carney was on hand for the commencement of the first-ever senior class at Sussex Academy in Georgetown Friday evening.

This was no ordinary graduating class, as this class set a high bar for those to follow.

Out of 38 seniors, 37 are going on to higher education institutions, with one joining the United States Army.

"Really impressive, what they're doing here is working obviously they've got good kids here and it provides a real educational opportunity for folks across Sussex County," said Carney.

Every student in the senior class took at least one International Baccalaureate course, with 14 students seeking their I.B. diploma. 

For the 38 students who took the stage, as well as their parents, this was not just a proud moment, but a huge relief knowing that four years ago, they took a risk attending the fledgling charter school.

"You had to be a trail blazer to want to stay with us in eighth grade.  People were wondering, 'well is this going to be a real high school, or are you going to have things like proms, concerts, drama.'  We've done those things," said Dr. Patricia Oliphant, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

The ceremony itself had an original twist.  Instead of having a valedictorian speak, all of the graduates contributed to a video, with information about their goals for the next ten years, and thank you's to those who have helped them along the way.

"So each senior has been able to say something about his or her experience here at Sussex Academy, as well as wish his or her parents give them some kind of message, or give their family some kind of message," said Oliphant.

If you have a child between fifth and ninth grade, reside in Delaware, and would like to learn more on how to apply, visit their website at sussex academy-dot-org.

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