Nothin’ But Nets, more than just basketball

In Salisbury, elementary school kids got to show off their skills on and off the court at the Nothin' But Net 2017 playoffs.

It's a basketball and cheerleading program for 4th and 5th graders from East Salisbury, Prince Street and Glen Avenue Elementary.

The program organizer and local guidance counselor Tana Ellis found that many of her students needed a boost to keep up with school during the 4th marking period.

So in order to play in Nothin' But Net, these kids have to maintain good behavior.

"Basically every student gets a booklet and they have scores they can earn up to three points a day based on their behavior. So if they have poor behavior they would get a zero and it goes all the way up to three having perfect behavior. For the whole week they need to score 10 points, so it really teaches the kids to self regulate to make sure they are doing the things they are supposed to do," explains Ellis.

After three strikes of not getting 10 points they are off the team.

She says it's all about representing their school, being a part of a team, and learning that even if they mess up, they can still make up for it.

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