MD First Lady helps celebrate SWAC’s 50th anniversary

Yumi Hogan at the SWAC 50 year anniversary

It's a golden year for the Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council. Tuesday SWAC celebrated it's 50th anniversary at Salisbury University    

Back in 1967 Salisbury set the standard for the state when they formed the first Arts Council. The blueprint was soon replicated across Maryland and eventually led to the formation of a state art council.  

SWAC ensures that the next generation of artists will continue to have an outlet by awarding grants to different community organizations.  

As a guest of honor first lady of Maryland Yumi Hogan came to Salisbury to speak on the importance of the arts.

"Art is important for our community, without art, nothing," Hogan said. "Without SWACS 50 years ago, we don't have a whole state arts council."

Hogan said as an artist herself she stands with the whole artist community.   

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