Lewes man convicted on menacing and disorderly conduct charges

Officials say that a Lewes man has been convicted on menacing, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges after an incident that took place on January 26.

65-year-old Robaire Lizama of Janice Road was arrested after he became disorderly with Beebe Hospital Staff and did not follow their directions to leave a treatment area where he was a visitor.

During that time, Lewes Police patrolman first class Tyrone Woodyard was inside of the Emergency Department and was notified by security officers of the issue.

Lizama then became more disorderly and the officer asked him to leave the Emergency Department. The officer then escorted Lizama with security to the waiting area. As the officer was walking behind him, Lizama rushed at the officer and caused Woodyard to take Lizama to the ground. After a brief struggle, Woodyard was able to take Lizama into custody.

During the arrest, Lizama suffered a one centimeter cut to his right eyebrow, and he was immediately treated for the injury. Shortly after the arrest, Lizama filed an internal complaint and told media that he was allegedly targeted because of his sexual orientation.

As a result of the internal complaint, Lewes Police investigated the allegation. On March 1, the office of the Chief of Police determined that the complaint and allegation was unfounded.

No witnesses interviewed heard or saw any behavior that matched Lizama's complaint and the investigation found that Woodyard did not know about Lizama's sexual orientation when the arrest happened.

Last Tuesday, after a Sussex County Court of Common Pleas, Lizama was found guilty of all three charges.

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