‘Jason’s Letter’ premiere brings stars to Dover

Schwartz theater looking a little different Sunday, as actors from the film Jason's letter made their way to Dover for the red carpet premiere.

In January, cast and crew took over the town of Dover to shoot the film. It's something Cpl. Joseph Thuet, an aviation pilot for Delaware State police, who also played a small role in the movie, says is pretty unique.

"It was a great opportunity especially for Delaware itself. There's not very many movies filmed in Delaware and it opened up a lot of doors for people in the state and in the surrounding states. You'll see a lot of local people down here involved in the film which is great," explains Cpl. Thuet.

But the film also has a unique message. The writer and director for Jason's Letter, Terrance Tykeem, says he hopes this film will shed light on what he says is a serious issue in our country, police-involved shootings towards unarmed minorities and children.

The film is told through the perspective of a child.

"My vision for this is to really just get the dialogue started, but a dialogue where you listen. We're just not listening to each other and that's why it's so easy for a kid or any other person who gets shot and killed, it's so easy to dismiss it because we're not listening to each other. We're not really galvanizing each other where we can say 'hey, that's a human being' no matter what that person may have done," says Tykeem.

Vivica Fox, who plays the city manager in the film, says it's movies like Jason's Letter that will help bring dialogue to communities.

Fox says, "We've got to make sure that we put out passionate films that bring about awareness to the communities. What I'm hoping for Jason's Letter is that it can become a cult classic with a wonderful message that is informative to all communities."

Although Cpl. Thuet has a slightly different message to give those who watch this film.

"My biggest message to younger guys is open the lines of communication to the public. I think if you open the lines of communication to the public it opens up the doors of communication and people understanding our job a little differently than what they see in the news media or Facebook and social media. They get to see that I'm an officer but here I am on the red carpet today with Jason's Letter, so we're just people too."

Tykeem tells us he hopes big networks will pick up the film so it can reach a larger audience.

For more information about the film you can check out the trailer for Jason's Letter.

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