Former Berlin businessman pleads guilty to theft


The case of a former Berlin man that 47 ABC has been following on accusations of unlicensed contracting has been resolved.

Officials say that the case of Joe Carlini has been resolved after he pleaded guilty to one count of theft on Wednesday morning for stealing a $5,000 deposit check that was going to be used to purchase a car.

Carlini was then sentenced to 18 months in jail which will be served concurrent to the four years that Carlini was already sentenced to on June 8 after being convicted of stealing appliances from the house that he and his family had rented in Berlin.

The accusation that Carlini stole thousands of dollars worth of property from Rayne's Sand and Gravel in Berlin was also resolved on Wednesday.

According to Carlini's attorney, Carlini made a statement in court where he said that throughout this process, he realized that it's time to accept responsibility and move towards redemption.

Before the trial, Carlini also allegedly paid $5,000 to a victim after stealing a deposit check, and over $6,000 to the owner of Rayne's Sand and Gravel in Berlin.

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