Dewey Beach employees want town manager fired

In Delaware, one Dewey Beach official is under intense scrutiny. The Town Manager, Marc Appelbaum is now the target of some serious accusations, including sexually harassment.

Several town employees along with the Dewey Beach Police Department are now calling on town leaders to do something about it.

Town employees and the police department have sent a letter to the mayor and commissioners last week demanding that Appelbaum be fired.

The letter goes into explicit detail  describing various incidents of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment over a course of 7 years.

One of accusations outlined in the document alleges Appelbaum harassed female employees by wearing pajama bottoms without underwear and standing in the office with an 'obvious erection'.

Another complaint claims Appelbaum screamed and swore at employees denigrating them in front of co-workers.

47 ABC reached out to the mayor for comment. In an e-mail response he stated

"Obviously the town and Commissioners take all of this very seriously. We care about the welfare of all of our employees".

However the Mayor would not comment any further on the issue.

The lawyer representing the Dewey Beach employee tells 47 ABC as of Monday afternoon, he had not heard back from the town's lawyer.

47 ABC also reached out to Appelbaum, the town manager, we're still waiting for his response

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