Details emerge about Salisbury homicide

Ryan Holden, 20, Salisbury

More details have come out about a Salisbury man being shot in a homicide that happened last Saturday morning

Around 1 a.m on Saturday, the dispatch received a call about a victim with a  gunshot wound. Court documents show that when Salisbury Police officers responded, they were flagged down by the resident of a home on Middle Neck Drive.

Officers were then directed to the back bedroom of the home where Anthony Cropper was reportedly found with a gunshot wound to the chest area. Cropper was pronounced dead about 10 minutes later.

Court documents show that investigators interviewed multiple witnesses and neighbors at the scene. A witness said that a knock was heard at the door on Middle Neck Drive around 1 a.m. The witness said that Cropper answered the door and saw a man wearing a dark blue hoodie with a dark baseball cap and a blue mask covering his face.

The witness said that that a gun was then pulled by the suspect and two shots were fired at Cropper. The witness said that the first shot struck the victim, causing him to fall to the ground and die. The suspect then fled the area.

Court documents show that the witness also said that the suspect was with a group of two other men beside the home of Middle Neck Drive before the murder. The witness reportedly overheard the three men talking and one had asked "what one is going to do this?"

Court documents allege that the suspect who later shot Cropper did not have the blue mask on at that time and that the witness could recognize him from prior contact. The witness identified the shooter as Ryan Holden. The witness said that Holden was the only person at the door when Cropper was shot.

Investigators conducted scene processing, saw the victim dead in the back bedroom with a gunshot wound to the chest and were able to confirm that the witness was telling the truth. Investigators also watched surveillance videos from local stores and gas stations in the area where they saw a man with a blue hoodie style coat with jeans and white shoes running fast from the area of Middle Neck Drive after the shooting happened.

The description matched the suspect description that a witness gave to investigators. Investigators also completed a search of the businesses and area of the video surveillance where the suspect was. During the search, investigators found a blue mask that matched the witness statement.

Holden was arrested by Maryland State Police around 9 p.m last Saturday without incident. He has been committed on first and second degree murder, use of a firearm to commit a violent crime and first degree assault at the Wicomico County Detention Center where he is being held without bond.

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