Despite plea deal, man accused of murder says he didn’t do it

Shaquille Gaskins, 23, Salisbury

Shaquille Gaksins was sentenced to 25 years behind bars Thursday for the murder of Irvonte Jones. The 23-year-old Salisbury man took a plea deal and was the only one charged in the case, but Thursday he told the court he didn't do it. 

A interesting turn that his family said they believe. His grandmother, Salisbury city councilwoman said she believed Shaquille, but declined to comment on camera.

For the family of the victim though, they feel justice was still served.

"Theres nothing I can say cause if no one else has to speak up on a murder then what can you do, I just want justice for my son," said Wanda Deen,  Jones's mother. "You know someone has to pay for that, his life was taken."

Deen added if Gaskins didn't do it, he should have said who did. 

"This young man has children, why would you want to take on such a responsibility as to take a murder charge, that's a major charge. I just wish if there was other people involved that he would have just told the truth because I feel sorry for him," Deen said.

We spoke with the Wicomico County state's attorneys office about the matter and they say there was sufficient evidence to prove Gaskins played a role in the murder.   

According to police Jones was shot and killed during a home invasion at his girlfriends house in April 2016.  

The judge Thursday saying the 24-year-old was shot execution style and called it quote one of the most savage crimes you can commit.

Keen said she doesn't hold any hate in her heart about this crime. What she wants now is for the community to rally and put a stop to the violence in the community.

"It has to stop, these guys have got to stop the violence around here, it's so bad," Keen said. "I just say save our sons, our sons need to be saved."

Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson told Keene in court that she would be willing to work with her to try and find a solution to that violence.



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