Deadline fast approaching for Delaware bills

In Dover the clock is ticking on legislation  as the June 30 deadline approaches. If it doesn't pass in the following days it won't be revisited until next year.

One of the most controversial the end of life options act and lobbyist were in Dover why this year it needs to be passed.  

The legislation passed out of committee on June 7, but it stills needs to be voted on the house floor. Committee members raised concerns about the intent of the bill and questions were asked about the history of similar legislation proposed in other states.

Lobbyists who were in Dover Wednesday though say it's their life,  it should be their choice.

"The most important thing is it's my wish I don't want to linger and die in pain and die as a burden with people having to care for me in that way," said Heather Block, who has terminal cancer.

The Act would provide terminally-ill individuals with the option to choose to self-administer medication, prescribed by a physician to end their life.

Block said her family and her both have talked it over and are in favor of the legislation. She fears though that waiting another year to pass the bill may be too late for her.

"This issues too important, we need to make it happen and we need to make it happen now," Block said. 

Thomas La Follette had never been to Dover to lobby before, but made the trip from Wilmington to voice his support for the bill. A former flight attendant, La Follette now is terminally ill with Kaposi's Sarcoma , a form of cancer that causes lesions throughout the body among other symptoms. La Follette said he had live a good life, now he just wants a peaceful way to end it. 

"I want to make the personal choice to end my life in a peaceful way instead of going through months of agony and pain," La Follette.

Another bill  that caught headlines, but may not make the final cut before session ends is one that would legalize recreational use of marijuana throughout the state.   

The bill passed out of committee in the beginning of May, but has not yet been scheduled for a vote on the floor.  

Despite that bill Sponsor,  Rep. Helene Keeley (D)  believes she will get the votes in time.

"I know standing here people may think oh my gosh you only have four days left, but four days in legislative hall is a lifetime," Keeley said.

Session ends June 30th.


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