‘Covfefe Act’ looks to increase transparency and promote accountability

President Donald Trump's tweets are often a topic of conversation, whether it's a feud with Rosie O'Donnell, typos, or a strong message for a political opponent, millions spend countless hours every week examining them and discussing what they mean.

One of the latest tweets being, 'Despite the constant negative press covfefe'. Many people are still trying to figure out what President Donald Trump meant with this tweet. Legislators have also tried to learn more about it, and other tweets sent by the president over the past several months.

It's a big reason why they have introduced new legislation known as the 'Covfefe Act'.

"I think it's kind of disturbing some of the things he puts out there.I think we definitely should be paying attention to that, he is a public figure , and it's important what he says. I mean he represents the country, says Mark Chausovsky.

"Leave it alone there are too many other issues going on in this country that people need to be worrying about that besides that," says Darryl Miles.

The proposed legislation is actually an acronym for the Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act, and it would promote government accountability and transparency. If passed, the legislation would require the president's social media records be preserved.

"Whatever you write or say in this day in age, there will always be a record of it," says William Hall, a local attorney.

Hall  tells 47 ABC social media can sometimes be used as evidence in court.

"Some of my younger clients , they post things on social media that sometimes has been used against them in the court of law," says Hall.

However Hall says it can sometimes be difficult to prove who wrote the social media post because accounts are sometimes hacked.

"It becomes almost impossible  to authenticate that actually came the person they are alleging who wrote it. Unless the person admits that they wrote the tweet," says Hall.

And even though posts and tweets can be deleted, they can also resurface.
"You don't want to look back on and let that and get you in trouble in the future," says Hall.

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