Coast Guard Silver Lifesaving Medal presented to man who sacrificed his life for his son

In Rehoboth Beach, the coast guard along with Governor John Carney honored a family with the coast guard's second highest award called the Silver Lifesaving Medal.

It can be given to both civilians and military members.

And Saturday, one family was given this prestigious award on behalf of Michael Manley.

On September 27, 2015, Manley rescued his stepson from drowning in the waters at Virginia Beach.

After he successfully helped him towards safety, Manley himself, was caught in a rip current and did not survive.

The coast guard agreed Manley deserved the silver lifesaving medal to commemorate his selfless act.

Manley's wife along with both of their sons accepted the medal and were even welcomed into the Coast Guard family. 

His stepson tells 47 ABC, "We lost a loved one but at the same time we're getting a very positive out of it. We're getting an award that not many people have gotten. It's crazy to say that somebody that did something so monumental for me is receiving such a high accolade. I really think it demonstrates the kind of person he was. And I really do think he deserved it."

For some background on these life saving medals:

  • There are two of them, a gold and a silver
  • It can be awarded to anyone
  • These medals are very rare to get
  • The Silver Lifesaving Medal is one of the only military awards made of precious medal
  • Only around 1900 Silver Lifesaving medals have been awarded since its creation in 1874
  • After being nominated, a committee investigates the circumstances to make sure the award appropriate for what is accomplished


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