Against all odds Delaware family continues to push on


That's exactly what you see after just one look at this family. What you don't see is everything this family has endured over the past couple years, especially these last couple months.

"It's going to get better sometimes it feels like it can't get much worse, but it's going to get better and it's getting better."

Meet the Covington's, Tammy, Marissa, Shyanna, and Tony.

16-year-old Shyanna, better known as Shy, has been in and out of doctor offices and hospitals for the past three years, undergoing two brain surgeries.

"She started out having debilitating headaches, muscle weakness on her right side, and then it eventually turned into concentration issues, memory issues, vision issues. They finally did an MRI and found that she had three cystic tumors in her brain," says Shy's mom, Tammy.

She continues, "The first surgery she had her pineal cyst removed and it's dead center of your brain, so a lot of neurosurgeons will not even do it."

The closest neurosurgeon that would take on Shy's case was a specialist in Houston, Texas.

The long trip paid off, at least at first, but a half a year after the surgery this past December the symptoms returned. 

As if that wasn't enough the Covington's were dealt another blow a week before Shy was set to go back for her second surgery.

Their 10-year-old daughter Marissa, or Mari, discovered a lump on her leg.

"I told her you're leg's not getting fat if it's only one it would be both so we go to the doctor they did a sonogram, said they weren't sure thought it was fatty tissue.They then sent us to a surgeon and they ended up wanting to do a biopsy."

Four days later the doctors called. Mari had stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

The days following turned into a whirlwind forcing this tight-knit family to separate with mom going with Shy to Texas and Dad going to AI Dupont for Mari's first round of chemotherapy.

An arduous situation no family plans on going through, but one that has only brought them closer.

"It has made us a lot closer I think we're more open and share more stuff with each other and we go through it together because you can't do it alone," says Shy.

And the community has rallied behind them too, doing fundraisers like Saturday night's auction dinner.

A good family friend, Tamara Davis, who organized Saturday's event says, "I knew they weren't going to be able to work and we're going to need help and the last thing I wanted them to worry about was a roof over their head and food on their table and not worry about how they were going to be at their daughters' sides."

Although there's still a long journey ahead of them, strength, love and a whole lot of support gives them the courage to make it through.

"With them being strong that just gives us more amp to stay strong and we just got to keep going one day at a time," says Tammy.

The fundraiser Saturday night pulled in over $6,000 for the family.

The Covington's tell us Shy is doing remarkably better after her surgery and looking forward to playing softball again.

Meanwhile, Mari continues with chemotherapy and her last scan showed things are looking up.

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