Advocates push for bill that will help veterans dealing with PTSD

Advocates were outside of Legislative Hall in Dover on Thursday, June 22, 2017, speaking out for Senate Bill 24 to be passed. 

Senate Bill 24 removes the requirement that a psychiatrist be the physician who signs written certification, in order to grant medical marijuana for those dealing with PTSD.

This would allow a regular physician to prescribe the cannabis.

The advocates Thursday were specifically speaking out for veterans dealing with PTSD.

There were also 22 body bags in front of Leg Hall and we're told they were there to hammer home the message that 22 veterans a day are killing themselves.

And they say if this bill passed, it would save lives.  

This bill only has two hurdles left to become law, it has to hit the house floor and be voted on by the governor.

But with the deadline fast approaching, that may not happen until January. 


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