A teen boat building program in Easton finally launches their first boat

Back in March, 47 ABC covered a set of teens in Easton participating in an after school program, which lets them be a part of a hands on experience

On Friday, June 23, 2017, they were finally able to see all their hard work pay off after five months.

Their 14 foot long blue and aqua marine boat was built by the hands of ten high school students in Talbot County.

The YMCA provides this free after school program, called Take the Helm, which helps students form technical skills and create a special bond.

One of the teens, Evan Gostomski agrees and he even went a step further to say it changes how he views the high school experience.

"It’s been incredible, definitely, building relationships and friendships with the people in take the helm has been incredible. And definitely made high school much better. It’s definitely a cool experience to just look at something you’ve made and see how you’ve progressed," Gostomski says.

But more than anything, this program was so much more than just a boat build for these teens.

The YMCA Facilities Director, Jim Fodrie says, "The boat’s insignificant, it’s building the kid that’s so important. We all have experiences when we’re young that we draw back to that propel us forward in life and hopefully that’s one for them."

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