A non-profit organization speaks out as Grant-in-Aids are being cut

Members of the legislature's budget-writing committee voted to zero out spending for grants heading to nonprofit groups, community agencies, and volunteer fire companies.

Cuts are being seen in state grant-in-aids. They provide funding for community based non profit organizations.

Those opposed to these cuts say these organizations give essential services to the community.

One non profit in Georgetown, called CHEER Community Center, says they keep senior citizens independent in their own home by providing services such as Meals On Wheels.

47 ABC spoke to CHEER's CEO, Kenneth Bock, who says this is not only a death blow to organizations, but also to citizens.

Bock says, "We understand that there's going to be some sacrifices, shared sacrifices to use the governor's term, but these are not an equal sharing of those sacrifices. There's a disproportion burden being placed on those on our state's weakest, most elderly and most frail citizens."

CHEER says, organizations like these, can't sustain those kind of cuts and still be able to serve members of the community.

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