WiHi senior receives full-ride scholarship to McDaniel College

"He was like, 'Hi Rachel, I'm the president of McDaniel, I have some good news for you,' and I was like 'oh my gosh, I'm going to college for free."

Rachel Bier is a soon to be graduate from Wicomico High School. Next year she will be a freshman at McDaniel College in Westminster. Although, unlike most college students she won't have to worry about tuition, taking a huge burden off not just Rachel but her parents too.

"College is really expensive and McDaniel is $54,000 a year and my brother's already in college so they're trying to help him pay for it too, so when they heard I was getting to college for free they were super excited," Rachel explains.

Her father, Jerry Bier, says, "When we got that call it was a tremendous answer to our prayers, that's for sure."

Rachel is one of three students selected to the Dorsey scholar program at McDaniel, which means a full-scholarship including tuition, room and board for all four years. That's a value of over $200,000.

Rachel has quite the resume, with a weighted 4.9 GPA, among various extracurriculars, as a four-year band member and two-year varsity soccer player until switching to unified tennis.

She explains, "We work with the special education program and pair up with them and play the other schools and that was really cool. It's really fun to do that and I'm hoping to do something like that at McDaniel too."

Plus, she already knows exactly what she wants to do, following in her mother's footsteps, becoming a teacher.

"I think my favorite part about teaching is seeing the kids faces when they get it. I think that them understanding what I just said is the best part of it all."

Her father says, "Whenever she walks into a room with kids it's like a magnet, they are just drawn to her and she's good with them already so once she gets the education and experience I think it will come together for her."

Burt she says she couldn't have accomplished all she did without the amazing teachers and support she found at WiHi.

"All of my teachers, especially my first two history teachers. I'm not a big history person but they are the two best teachers I've had in my life," she continues, "I would not have gotten a full ride at McDaniel if it wasn't for my guidance counselor there's no way, she's fabulous."

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