When it comes to weight loss, timing is key


When it comes to weight loss, it seems it's all about timing at least according to a new health study.

The health study took 420 overweight and obese participants and divided them into two groups. Early eaters and late eaters based on the timing of their lunch.  

The late lunchers also ate lower-calorie breakfasts or skipped breakfast more often that the early eaters.  

After 22 week the early eaters proved to lose more weight. We took the study to One More Rep in Salisbury where trainer and owner JD Cherry implements a similar diet.

Having carbs earlier in the day and then adding more protein later.    

"Complex carbs such as potatoes, pastas also your brown rices, things like that. More during lunchtime hours and then after that try to wean that down take that into smaller portions and about mid-afternoon to early evening on go ahead and keep your proteins and vegetables at a higher level," Cherry said.

Cherry explains having carbs early gives your body energy and the time to burn them. If you eater them later at night your metabolism slows and you actually gain weight during your sleep. 

Cherry also said that skipping meals like breakfast will also slow your metabolism down and cause you not to lose weight. Cherry recommends eating 4-6 smaller meals a day to keep your metabolism moving and give you energy.

A success story of his, De. Carl Anderton Jr. who has lost 35 pounds from mid-December to mid-April using a similar diet.

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