Website shares your numbers, addresses to public

With a search of a name and a few clicks, you can find information on almost anyone online.

That's the purpose of, a website which prides itself on finding friends and family as easy as possible.

Your name, number, address, and family members are just some of the information someone can find on you.

47ABC brought this website to some residents in Salisbury after it recently gained attention. The website itself is not new; however, it's gained traction on social media.

Richard Boswell says he's not a fan.

"I think it's little been invasive of privacy at times. I mean, I don't know how all of these telemarketers and stuff, you know, get it on the air, but it does invade your privacy to me," says Boswell.

A request for a comment made by 47ABC on Wednesday was not immediately returned by; however, the Terms Of Use explained on the website states they provide a database of public records and publicly available sources of information that's been "aggregated for your convenience".

47ABC spoke to Cards Technology, an IT services company based out of Ocean Pines, over the phone on Wednesday.

Mark Shaw, VP of Sales and Marketing, says aggregate companies like True People Search collect information from third parties. He says sometimes, it's clearly printed in Terms And Agreements, which allow companies to publish your information.

"Even when you purchase certain apps from app stores like on Apple and Android devices. You know those app developers, they can have you agree to all sorts of terms and conditions that can allow them to publish your information on public sites or trade it with third parties," explains Shaw.

Not everyone says companies like this pose a threat to an invasion of privacy.

"You can use it for resources like if you're hiring somebody, just being able to network and maybe getting a little more information on people locally because I'm not from here, so it is good to be able to check some people out and really know their history and get a feel for who they are," explains Salisbury resident Michael Blackmon.

As for Shaw, he says it's about understanding that your information might become public and being extra attentive before submitting anything online.

It is possible to remove your record from Click here for more information.

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