START task force to release findings

City of Salisbury to crackdown on drug distribution

After a nine month process the START task force in Salisbury is ready to present their findings. START stands for substance treatment and abuse reduction team.

Tuesday Salisbury Mayor Jake Day told 47 ABC that the START task force will make a presentation Wednesday  night at 5:30 at the United Way in Salisbury with their recommendations on how Salisbury can improve their substance treatment and reduce substance abuse. 

The task force is comprised of 23 people and was assembled to help the city identify ways to tackle the opioid crisis, specifically how Salisbury could *lobby for* or *directly impact* changes that were needed in government.

"It will tell the city what we should be advocating for with the county and state and federal governments. It will tell the city what we can be doing ourselves and it will tell the city what we should encourage in the community," Day said.

The task force will also discuss ways the community can promote sober living in the area.


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