Salisbury’s first medicinal dispensary set to open near summer’s end

peninsula alternative health

Salisbury's first medicinal marijuana dispensary is primed to open their doors near summers end not far from downtown. 

Peninsula Alternative Health will be moving into 400 Snow Hill Rd. and will soon be renovating to fit their needs.

"It's not going to resemble the dispensaries you see on t.v., like in Colorado," said Mary Pat Hoffman, clinical director for Peninsula Alternative Health.

Instead the building will represent more of a traditional pharmacy model. There will be no outrageous signage advertising the sale of medicinal marijuana outside.

CEO Anthony Darby says all that's left is the final "okay" from the State of Maryland and Peninsula Alternative Health will have passed all the prerequisites the state has outlined. The organization already has obtained a preliminary dispensary license from the state's medical cannabis commission.

Although doors won't open for a few more months, patients can already sign up through the state registry. Peninsula Alternative Health has links to do as well as register with them on their website.

"The process is fairly easy. Mary Pat and I did it ourselves not too long ago," Darby said.

He explained that prospective patients will need a valid email and government identification to register. After that they can head to a licensed physician to get a prescription. Darby said they will have a link to approved physicians on their website. 

As with anything new there will be some apprehension from the community, but Darby and Hoffman expect that. They say misinformation often leads to that apprehension. Misnomers like bringing a medical dispensary will bring a certain "type" of clientele to Salisbury.

"The patients that are walking into our dispensary are the same ones that are walking into the pharmacy afterwards cause they're probably seeking medical attention in multiple ways. We're just a small piece of their medical treatment," Darby said. "We see ourselves as that, we look to work in conjunction with their physicians and with pharmacies and other medical prove."

Darby and Hoffman are also ready to answer any questions in person that the community or physicians may have. Wednesday May 24 Darby and Hoffman will participate in a public forum in Cambridge hosted by the Cannabis Council.

The event starts at 6 p.m. at the Eastern Shore Innovation Center.



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