Salisbury Fire holds open house

Salisbury Fire Department opens it's doors to residents tonight just a few months after the departure of Station 1 volunteers.

Salisbury Fire Chief Rick Hoppes welcomed community members inside station 1 in Salisbury, a sign to the public that the facility is up and running.

"We are open for business and were everyday protecting the public at the same degree, maybe even a higher degree than we have been," said Hoppes.

For months, volunteers from Station 16 have been assigned to Station 1, helping fill in following the departure of volunteers from Station 1.

Tri Townsend, President of the Salisbury Fire Department, says the department has seen its numbers rise in recent months.

"Come February we were probably sitting around about 40 and maybe 42, and we're up to 60 right now.  And we have people on the waiting list to be interviewed for the next academy coming up."

Chief Hoppes says this open house is nothing new, saying it's something the department will continue to do to allow the public to get an inside look, and to sign up new members.

And the department has a big event planned for the summer.

"So every year, sometime in August, we'll have our big open house, but we like to have these — we'll go around to each of the stations and host these at periodic times a year," said Hoppes.

Since the departure of a group of volunteers from Station 1, Townsend says volunteers put in nearly 4800 hours at Station 1 since February, manning the facility 24-7.

"We have a lot of work to do  and protecting the citizens is — there's not a higher calling that you can have than do what we do," said Hoppes.

With volunteer numbers improving, and the Insurance Offices Rating of the department rising from a 4 to a 2, we're told all of this should be assurances to the community at large, that SFD ready to protect and serve the public at a moments notice.

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