Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez attends fundraiser at Fruitland gymnasium

Beach Bounders put the the fun in this fundraiser on May 20, 2017.

More than 80 girls raised big bucks to hang with Olympic gold medalist gymnast Laurie Hernandez.

One of the gym owners, Janet Lagowski tells 47 ABC this was all in an effort to help a 12-year-old fighting an uphill health battle. It's for the Brooke Mulford Medical Fund.

Brooke is suffering from neuroblastoma, a cancer that is commonly found in the adrenal glands.

She used to be a Beach Bounder gymnast and has left an impact. Such an impact, that it even caught the attention of 16-year-old Hernandez.

Beach Bounders has been fundraising since September. The more money the girls raised, the more opportunities they had to hang out with Hernandez. 

Hernandez tells us it was important to be apart of the fundraiser, since cancer has also impacted her life.

"My grandmother she died of cancer and I know a lot of people have passed because of cancer and so my support is for her and her family," Hernandez says. 

Hernandez even got a hold of Brooke through Facetime during the fundraiser.

Beyond that, she also interacted with the girls and gave them guidance on the balance beam, which is her expertise.

"I'm hoping that I can just send them a lot of positivity and I can help them with whatever fears that they may have for gymnastics and hopefully help them with some mental blocks as well. Yes, you know other kids may get skills before you do and that's okay but just patient with yourself and one day it will click and it's going to happen for you," Hernandez tells 47 ABC.

And Hernandez's biggest tip to young gymnasts is to understand that gymnastics can be a little scary just like life. But the best thing to do is to just go for them.

Hernandez says, "Yes, we may trip and fall but the whole point is to do that and to learn from that and to build your success from that."

Beach Bounders coach Shelby Dechert tells 47 ABC seeing the girls' excitement for Hernandez all while raising funds for the Brooke Mulford Medical Fund was gold.

"This is a hard sport and it's hard to be in here every day. So seeing everything that she accomplished, it just gives them so many dreams that they can look up to and just want to do themselves."

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