Moms to march on DC

 Some moms like to sit back and relax on Mother's Day, but this year a group of them will be rallying at the steps of the Jefferson Memorial in D.C.

The national organization march for moms wants to bring attention to maternity care in the US.

They say health has deteriorated for moms and babies, especially when you review stats on maternal and infant mortality.

The goal for the rally is to bring awareness to issues like premature births, a lack of mental health help for post-partum depression, a lack of good access to health care, and the fact that the US does not have a paid maternal or paternal leave policy. 

"We are the only industrialized country, meaning countries with similar incomes and similar status of living that do not have paid maternal or paternal leave policy," said Yuliya Labko, a nurse mid-wife with the March for Moms.

Labko said anouther thing they want to bring attention to is that maternal health issues are significantly higher in low-income areas, causing more black and latino families to be affected.

Those who want more information on the rally or want to participate can head to their Facebook here.

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  The rally will be held Mothers day from 1 p-m to 4 p-m in front of the Jefferson memorial.
  Those with the group will also be lobbying lawmakers on capitol hill – the friday before the event.
  For more information on how you can be a part of this – just head to our website – 47 ABC dot com.

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