Maryland State Police say ‘move over law’ is finally working

maryland state police

Although the move over law was introduced in 2010, Maryland State Police still had 38 state troopers get hit by cars last year. This year during Memorial Day Weekend though it seemed people began taking a hint, at least here on the Eastern Shore.

"We are recognizing that people are understanding the law a little better, more aware of the law and moving over when need to," said Lt. Ryan Bricker, commander the Salisbury barrack.

Maryland State Police and the state highway administration have aggressively raising awareness for the law for the past few years.

"We want to make sure that everyone understands when they see the flashing lights on the side of the road that they move over when it's safe to do so if it's not safe and reasonable and they're not able to move over the law states you must slow down," Bricker said.

The law requires drivers approaching from the rear an emergency vehicle using visual signals while stopped on a highway to, if possible, ‘make a lane change into an available lane not immediately adjacent to the emergency vehicle.

A first time violation can result in a fine of $110 and one point on your license. If the crash results in death or a serious injury the fine then becomes $750 and goes up to three points.


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