Local science teacher digs in to agriculture

A science teacher at Parkside High School is taking what he learned on an agriculture professional development event and translating it in his lessons in the classroom.

John Reichenberg was one of 400 applicants, and 25 chosen, for the trip conducted by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture in Boston.

During the three day event, Reichenberg learned the farm to plate process at dairy and beef farms.

He says he can take what he learned and apply it to every science course, whether it be the drones and technologies used for efficiency, or the ability of a single chicken farm using waste to power a dozen homes with 100 percent clean energy.

"And really changed my mindset about not really what I eat but what I think about when I see labels on packages, what does that mean.  Is it worth the extra money and most of the time it is worth the extra money."

To find out more on the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, visit agfoundation.org.

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