Local business opens shop to cure hangovers

A cure for hangovers and dehydration is what the Hangover Hydration Rescue team is all about.

"We tell people don't spend today regretting what you drank last night, we can fix it."

Rescue Team founder and registered nurse, Teri Murphy, and her husband Larry have officially set up shop in Ocean City. Their hope is to bring a new and effective way to make people feel better who may forget how draining the sun may be.

"Going to the beach, going golfing, going out on the boat all day, you are under that sun all day long for hours and hours and it just beats the heck out of you and then let's add alcohol to the fun and so you just wake up the next day and you're just like, 'what was I thinking?' Well we can fix that, we can save your vacation," explains Murphy.

Murphy tells 47 ABC the services they provide whether its fluids, vitamins, B-12 injections, or just pain relief can get people feeling better almost instantly without having to wait at the ER or doctor's office.

"The fluids are really hydrating you so fast where when you drink water you know you retain only 40 to 60 percent of that water. But when you get it intravenously you've got it all," she continues, "The medication we're giving, it doesn't go through your digestive system so it's not broken down before it gets to the cells so that's why it works like that."

Teri says the summer sun and party goers have given them plenty of chances to use their skills.
"We treated several people this weekend and we always write their pre-and post symptoms and you know most of them are saying seven out of ten nausea, seven out of ten headache and within five minutes of administering the meds, they're back to zero. It's just awesome to watch."

While in Ocean City, 47 ABC found several people on vacation to ask about the hangover cure and many said they were more than willing to try it out.

One saying, "I don't think that I would get a hangover cure because I don't think there's any evidence to suggest that it would be effective, so it's not something thats for me but if someone wants to try it, it might be a cool experience."

"Well my sister always says drink two bottles of water after you're drinking and that'll help the hangover but it's something I could look into. The five minutes sounds very intriguing," says another.

The Rescue Team is only open on the weekends right now and are located at Trader Lee's Village by Pizza Tugos in West Ocean City.

For more information visit their Facebook page.

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