Father-daughter relationship recognized at banquet

The relationship between a father and daughter can make a big impact in the growth of a young woman.  That impact was celebrated at the sixth annual father daughter banquet at the Worcester Technical High School in Newark.

Gigi Pesaniello will attend Salisbury in the fall and participated in the event a few years ago.  She says the event helped her dad become more involved.

"I think it really inspired my dad to become more active in my life.  And developing the way I should and making sure I make good decisions in my life."

Kat Gunby, Director of Prevention Services for the Worcester County Health Department, says this is when father's need to be more involved.

"This is a time in their daughters lives where they need to be more engaged.  They are going to have a lot more choices and challenges in the coming years in high school, and they're going to be more successful if their father or father figure is more involved in their lives."

Fathers and daughters signed a commitment paper and received a nine stars ring.  The nine stars representing the nine commitments made by the father and daughter on topics ranging from sex, drugs, alcohol and how to respond to disagreements.

The event included dinner, dancing, and the girls even received a special keepsake to honor this important time time in their lives.

"It's really important because I know now how people should treat me and he sets a very good example for things like that," said Pesaniello

Gunby went on to say the role a father plays can affect a young woman's ability to be successful financially, can have an impact on her independence, and could foster healthier relationships.

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