Escaped prisoner David Watson in custody

David Watson; Photo courtesy Howard County Police

A six-day manhunt has ended: escaped prisoner David Watson has been captured.

The news was shared by Howard County Police on Twitter Wednesday night. Investigators say he was taken into custody around 9:40 pm in a wooded area near the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital.

He was able to slip away from Wicomico County Detention Center employees on Friday while being dropped off at the Perkins psychiatric hospital in Jessup.

According to a release, Watson was found laying in a small drainage pipe. Earlier checks of the pipe had shown it was empty, but officers using night vision equipment spotted him inside after nightfall, officials said.

Police say Watson did not plan his escape in advance. During his six days out of custody, he moved around continuously within a radius of more than one mile of the location where he was found, officials said. He reportedly stole a vest and hard hat from a storage building in the area.

At Thursday morning's press release, police say Watson told them he survived eating out of trash cans and drinking from puddles.

After his arrest, Watson was transported to the Howard County Detention Center where he was charged with escape and assault. He is scheduled to be moved via maximum-security transport back to Delaware.

The 28-year-old was serving more than 100 years behind bars in Delaware for shooting at an officer's home. Watson is also charged in Wicomico County for shooting at the homes of law enforcement officers.

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