Crisfield man allegedly has sex with 12yo on film


New details are emerging surrounding a child rape and pornography case out of Crisfield, Md. Hans Wegt allegedly had sexual relations with a 12-year-old girl and filmed the act on his cellphone.

The official investigation began on May 10th although the first sign of trouble was the day prior when the alleged victims step-mom showed up here to the Crisfield Police Station regarding a possible runaway situation.  

After that the girl came home -but once they got there more troubling details were discovered.  

The step-mom found graphic texts and videos sent through Facebook on the victims phone.  

Allegedly showing t Wegt having sex with the victim and also masturbating into a toilet.  

According to court documents the girl had been staying with Wegt and his wife at their Somers Cove apartment for about three months after supposedly getting permission from her biological father.  

Wegt reportedly bought her gifts, paid for her hair and nails to get done he even took her shopping.  

In a police interview the victim said one night after Wegts wife had gone to sleep the two had sex on the couch and that Wegt filmed the encounter on his cell phone.

Documents show days later he sent the video and other graphic messages to a pre-paid cellphone he purchased for the victim. 

Police say the victim feared for her life and told Wegt she couldn't stay there any longer.  

At that point Wegt became angry and told her not to leave.

Wegt stands accused of 9 charges. No word yet on when his trial will be.

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