After committee win, marijuana advocates ready to push for house approval


Less than 24 hours after a bill to legalize marijuana in Delaware passed it's first big test, cannabis advocates returned to legislative hall Thursday ready for the next step.

"We're excited that Delaware legislators want to end the very dangerous illicit Cannabis market and replace it with a safe legal, taxed and well regulated system," said Zoe Patchell with the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network.

The next hurdle will be getting the bill passed on the house floor. Bill sponsor  Rep. Helene Keeley (D-D3) said she believes she has the votes needed to accomplish that.

"The numbers that we're getting,  about $22 (million) and $25 million on the conservative side that's just off the sale," Keeley said. "If we actually look at this as an economic driver it makes perfect sense."

Keeley says the vote won't come until June after the recess. That's why lobbyists are urging people to call their local official and urge them to support the measure. 

"Currently Delaware is pending over $20 million to arrest people like me that choose a healthier safer alternative to alcohol yet we have a $385 million budget deficit and the ideas are to raise taxes or eliminate key programs so we absolutely cannot afford to wait on this issue," Patchell said. 

If the bill were to pass the house Sen. Colin Bonnini has already pledged his support for the bill. However he has speculated that the bill may not make it into law until next year.

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