Addiction recovery center talks to locals about treatment options

In Berlin Tuesday, folks from the Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addiction hosted an information session on addiction treatment options.

The Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, an extended care program in Towson, addressed the Eastern Shore's lack of treatment facilities, while there is such a high demand.

Although they're over the bridge, they wanted families to know that there are options.

Doug, a fitness trainer at the center, shares his journey fighting drug addiction and getting clean.

"I feel like most of the time people don't succeed because they don't have any hope, they don't have faith, they don't believe that their life is going to be better than it is today. So I'm here just to give them the opportunity to believe not only in themselves but maybe their son or daughter, maybe its a cousin, that niece or nephew, I mean that's what I'm here to do," explains Doug.

For more information on the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center and resources head to their website or the Worcester Warriors' website.

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