“Wicomico River Health” Report shows water quality to be worse than the year prior

The Wicomico Environmental Trust and Wicomico Creekwatchers released their 2016 "Wicomico River Health" Report on April 6, 2017.

The health report shows their numbers were worse than last year.

This report monitors 22 sites throughout the river system, as it looks at different levels such as nitrogen, phosphorous, chlorophyll, as well as water clarity.

A major reason for these results are due to the high amounts of rainfall received this past year.

We are told out of all the measurements, the biggest concern is the phosphorus levels because they were worse this past year.

It indicates they have a lot of storm water and that storm water problem is a direct way, that phosphorus reaches the water way.

And since summer is around the corner, many may take a dip in the river, but we are told to not go in if it has rained in the past 48 hours.

We are told they are hoping to make improvements.

Some improvements that you can do yourself:

  • Use household products that do not contain dangerous chemicals
  • Never pour questionable materials down the drain
  • Pick up all pet waste and dispose in the trash or flush
  • When gardening, water only when needed, use pesticides sparingly and never fertilize within 30 feet of a waterway
  • Use rain barrels and rain gardens wherever feasible
  • Recycle bottles, can, newprint, and jars
  • Avoid using plastic


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