Senators reflect on trip to Uganda

Monday Senator Chris Coons of Delaware and Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee talked about our country's role in the global refugee crisis.

Two weeks ago, the senators traveled to a refugee camp in Uganda where more than 270,000 people reside after fleeing war-torn South Sudan.

They focused on how the United States provides food aid and how that budget can be used more wisely.

Coons tied the discussion into today's observance of Yom HaShoah, which is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

He said he hopes the country can once again become a place where refugees are welcomed, like it was in the 1940's as people fled Germany and Europe.

“I think it's an important day for us to remember that we can and should protect the American people from those who would do us harm,” Coons said.

“And I respect the need to have a strong vetting process. But I also think America's best values are shown when we welcome those who are fleeing persecution and violence in their home countries.”

And the senators project that if the budget is used more wisely, the United States can help feed up to 8 million more people.

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