Pooch Palooza attracts four-legged friends from across Delmarva

Barking, splashing, and endless wagging tails at this year's Pooch Palooza, a day dedicated to dogs.

"Pooch Palooza is a day out for the dogs and it's for them to come out and have fun. There's lots of things for the dogs to do themselves with canine sports, arcade style canine games,  canine Photo Booth just all about the dogs for the day," says Sandy Phillips.

Phillips is the publisher for Delmarva Unleashed, the host of Pooch Palooza.

She tells 47 ABC the event on Sunday was geared towards giving dog owners a day filled with activities their dogs would love and it certainly was the case for one furry little friend, Archer.

Archer, a rescue dog, was having a blast doing the lure course.

"He just ran and ran and I can't even, I would love to stand and watch the other dogs run but I can't because if he sees them he'll go ballistic wanting to go back on the track again."

Archer's owner says its amazing having events like Pooch Palooza, She's never seen archer so happy and wishes these kind of events happened more often.
"It's just fun and I feel like I'm having good safe fun for Archer I don't have to worry. He can socialize and get petted, sneak some treats, and just have a great day," exclaims Archer's owner.

From dog-related businesses setting up tents to veternary services and trainers, Phillips says it was everything a dog and its owner needed.

"I think it's amazing that really was our goal was to provide an avenue for people to go out and spend more time with their dogs."


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