Bethea found not guilty on all charges

Damon Bethea

A New Jersey man who was charged in the case of a January 2014 Millsboro double homicide and home invasion was found not guilty on all charges by a jury on Thursday.

All 21 charges against Damon Bethea were dropped, with the judge telling Bethea that he is a very lucky man.

The state alleged that in January 2014, Bethea and two other gunmen broke into a trailer on Harmons Hill Road in Millsboro, killing and robbing two heroin dealers. The state contended that this was all part of a well thought out plan, with Bethea's cousin Shamir Stratton acting as the getaway driver.

During the trial, the other trigger men stated that Bethea was present during the incident, his own cousin even testifying against him.

Bethea, however, told a different story on the stand, claiming that he never helped plan the robbery and wanted nothing to do with it.

"When Mr. Bethea learned of what was happening, he immediately removed himself from the situation, stepped out of the car, he walked away," Bethea's attorney Adam Windett said. "These other men committed these offenses and he had abandoned them."

When the verdict was delivered, Bethea and his family broke down in tears.

The two other men accused of being gunmen in the case, Rhamir Whaples and Richard Robinson, were already found guilty.

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