Animal Wellness Center of the Eastern Shore hopes to help dogs through acupuncture

For all those pet lovers, there is a wellness center in Salisbury that is hoping to serve as a resource for other vets in the area.

The Animal Wellness Center of the Eastern Shore provides rehabilitation services for our furry friends.

Through the practice of acupuncture, the needles that are plucked into these pets are actually soothing the pain.

Dr. Jaclyn Wolinski at the wellness center says,"Medications treat inflammation, they treat pain, they treat the symptoms but they're not always addressing the true underlying cause or imbalance, which is what acupuncture does."

And acupuncture treats multiple types of aches and pains such as back pain, disc issues, knee injuries, or ACL issues.

We are told they place needles on pressure points as they can palpate where those points are.

"We're trying to break down those pain barriers, those energy stagnations they would say that cause pain, to get the dog moving again, feeling better, and affecting a lot of other changes in the meantime," Dr. Wolinski states.

47 ABC spoke to a dog owner, Jennifer Pino, who says with just four sessions, her dog is feeling the benefits.

Each session costs $45 with the first session costing a bit more.

The Animal Wellness Center of the Eastern Shore just opened last year and they are hoping to reach out to as many pets in the area. 

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