4-year-old boy overcomes obstacles with prosthetic leg as his family pushes to raise awareness

Two years ago, 47 ABC covered a young boy, Nathan Simm, as he worked to overcome obstacles with his prosthetic leg.

From playing baseball to swimming, Nathan Simm is just like any other active 4-year-old boy.

Despite having a prosthetic leg, he's standing tall.

Nathan's mother, Shannon Simm, says that Nathan was born with fibular hemomilia, as the fibular bone was completely missing.

"He had two little toes on the end. We didn't have enough bone there to do any leg lengthening so our choice for him to lead a normal life was amputation," Shannon tells 47 ABC.

At the age of one, the amputation was done. A couple of months later Nathan received his first leg.

We are told within the two months of having his first leg, he was walking on his own unassisted. From there, he went off and hasn't stopped.

Their awareness efforts haven't stopped either.

Shannon states, "Let's raise awareness that we need people to understand, educate themselves on what these amputees go through and what they have to deal with on a day to day basis in order to stand up and walk."

As April is Limb Loss Awareness Month, Shannon is going to Capitol Hill at the end of the month to speak to legislators about making sure they are educated on care and accessibility for care for amputees.

Their efforts are to also make sure that insurance companies are regulated on providing the proper care for amputees.

Shannon tells us that raising awareness is key, as some health care agencies are saying that as an adult, that one prosthetic leg can be for the rest of your life.

And if she could say one thing to legislators. should would try to put them, in her shoes.

"What if this was your child, what would you do? What would you fight for your child to be able to walk every day, normal, play, and be like all the other 4 year olds, what if this was your child." Shannon tells 47 ABC.

Shannon says this is a learning process- but as Nathan grows- he will continue to lead a normal life.

If you need resources or information for limb loss or limb differences, head over to their Facebook page called Standing With Nathan. 

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