2017 Truck Pull attracts multiple teams as they raise money for a unique cause

Teams competed in downtown Salisbury on Saturday April 29, 2017, pulling a fire truck for the first-ever 2017 Truck Pull.

Detective Jason Caputo from the Salisbury Police Department is also one of the organizers for this year's event.

He tells us teams pulled this truck 30 feet forward as they competed for the fastest time.

Detective Caputo says this fire truck pull was also a way to pull in some cash for a unique cause, as all the money goes to Special Olympics Maryland.

Special Olympics Maryland provides year-round sports training and athletic competitions in a variety of Olympic-type sports.

At $250 dollars per team, groups on Saturday included up to 10 people each.

Teams represented different organizations such as police agencies, fire departments, and gyms.

And among those teams, we even saw 47 ABC's Michelle Mackonochie, who joined Salisbury Mayor Jake Day and Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan as part of the celebrity team.

One of the teams also included the Eastern Correctional Institution, as one of the teammates Paul Ziolkwski says this is more than just a fun event.

"It's a great experience to know that you're providing opportunity for people who can't participate in sports in schools and stuff like that they are able to go out and shine," Ziolkswki tells us.

The results of the fire truck pull competition:

  1. Iron Man Team
  2. Salisbury Fire Department
  3. Salisbury Police Department
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