Wicomico firefighters’ meeting draws a huge crowd

Tuesday night close to 100 people packed into the Salisbury fire Station 16 for the Wicomico County Volunteer Firefighters Association meeting.

The meeting itself is nothing new because they are held every month, but this meeting was a little bit different.

It's the first time all 14 fire stations have come together since Salisbury fire Station One announced that they would part from the city.

Tuesday night what started as a relaxed or rather normal meeting quickly turned chaotic as the station one fire chief and the city fire chief amongst many others spoke on what should happen to the station.

According to the Association president, based on their bylaws, Station One is still an Association member and will be extended until July 1st. This was part of a motion that was put in place Tuesday by the Association.

Station One has until that date to find their own Class A fire engine.

Currently, the city of Salisbury has all Class A engines or as they call it 'pumpers', but since they are owned and operated by the city, Station One has to get their own.

Based on what they heard at this meeting,  the Wicomico County Chiefs' Association will determine if Station One will continue to have territory within the county.

Salisbury Fire Chief Richard Hoppes tells 47 ABC the city and county already hired an outside consultant, who made an interesting discovery.

"Wicomico County had the correct number of fire stations within its boundaries so if the question is do I support setting up another fire station the answer would be no," explains Chief Hoppes.

Their upcoming meeting will take place next Wednesday.

There's still no indication of what will happen to Station One if they cannot come up with their Class A pumper by July.

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