Volunteers plant community gardens

Volunteers came out to help plant gardens for parts of the community.

 Martin Hutchinson, named Secretary of Gardens by city Mayor Jake Day, came out on a tractor to help with the cause at the Richard Hazel Youth Center.

The locations include Camden Ave., Boundless Garden, Pinehurst Elementary along with the Hazel Youth Center.

The gardens are planted to supply the community with fresh produce, free to anyone.

The mulch for the project was supplied by Olde Towne Deli in Salisbury straight from their tip jars.

Volunteers Mary Mazzullo and Corliss Thornton helped organize the event.  Every Friday they come to the Hazel Youth Center to help teach local children how to plant and prepare their own fresh produce.

"And they come out, they help us in the garden.  They're learning how to plant, what to plant, where to plant, and we're going to be showing them how to cook it, how to prepare it.  And they've eaten fresh turnips out of the garden, they've eaten kale that we've picked out of the garden and it's been a great time."

If you would like to help out with the cause you can find information on future events at their facebook page – Hazel Center Kids Magical Garden.

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