Sussex County group attempts to get more public interaction

A group of Sussex County residents are banding together attempting to get more involvement from the public in workshops being held by the Sussex County Planing and Zoning Commission.

Their group is named SARG, or Sussex Alliance for Responsible Growth. 

Member Jeff Stone said the group formed two or three months ago to draw more attention from the public to this important plan, particularly the Land Use Element.

"The Comprehensive Plan controls every facet of growth and where it would go in the county including roads, water, sewer.  Everything that effects their lives everyday."

The group began sending out mass emails attempting to get more people to speak out.  They tell citizens if they are not able to attend the meetings they can email their comments or concerns to the Sussex plan website.  SARG includes the option of emailing the group a comment that will be entered into the record as read.

"We are non-partisan," said Stone.  " We are not taking positions as to what kind of growth, or where it should be.  But we are taking the position that every voice possible needs to be heard."

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